‘I want to use the same name for both my kids as it’s the only one I like’

Finding a name for your baby that both you and your partner both like and can agree on is pretty difficult, though not impossible.

One mum claims she and her partner have picked out the perfect name for their daughter, ahead of her birth, but there’s just one problem.

In a post on Mumsnet, the unnamed woman said she has already used a version of the same name for their son.

She explained she loves the name so much and really wants to use it for both of her children, but isn’t sure if that’s ok to do so she turned to the internet for some much-needed advice.

Her post reads: “Am I being unreasonable using the same name for two children?

“So with my son if he was a girl he would’ve been Aurora. However, he was not so the nickname I’d always loved and envisioned using for Aurora was Rory.

“I gave my son the middle name of Rory as should I not have another child I wanted it in there somewhere!

“I am now pregnant with a baby girl and I still love the name Aurora however due to wanting to use the nickname Rory I’m apprehensive about using the name Aurora as I think it’s a bit weird using effectively my son’s middle name for my girl’s first name.”

The mum added that she’s loved the name Aurora for six years and her partner still wants to use it as they can’t seem to agree on any other names.

Dozens of people responded to the post, with many encouraging the parents to go for it.

One person replied: “Do it. You love it. Middle names are rarely used.”

Another wrote: “That’s fine! it’s not the same name at all.”

A third posted: “My friend have her third son her first son’s middle name as a first name. I thought ‘hmm, is that weird?’ And then haven’t thought about it until now. If you love it, use it.”

Someone else admitted: “My grandad was one of 12, all called Gordon. Even the girls. So I think you’re fine!”