Influencer shares before and after snaps to show reality of ‘perfect’ pictures

A social media influencer has shared before and after snaps to show the reality of ‘perfect’ Instagram images – and urged her fans to stop comparing themselves to ‘strangers on social media’.

Maeve Madden has over 334,000 followers on Instagram and regularly posts glammed-up pictures of herself for her adoring fans.

But she wants to remind people to not compare themselves to ‘perfect’ snaps that get shared online and has shared a series of before and after images to show the reality behind the image, as the Daily Star reports.

The personal trainer wowed fans with the recent upload, with many praising her for ‘keeping it real’.

Taking to Instagram, Maeve wrote: “Stop comparing. Ok queens promise to self: ‘I will not compare myself to a stranger on social media’.

“Appearances are just that… Appearances. Swipe for a quick reassurance if you need one.”

She added: “I love these posts they really make me lol.

“We often lose our way when we compare ourselves. We lose inspiration & motivation.

“Social media is no place to judge your worth. Ok love love.”

Since she shared the series of snaps, the post racked up thousands of likes and comments.

One fan gushed: “Always keeping it real,” while another added: “I’m your spirit animal in the second images.”

A third Instagram follower commented: “So important to post both. Thanks for keeping it real.”

While a fourth chimed in: “Yaaaas queen,” and a fifth wrote: “Love your trues so much.”

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The bemused mum then checked the bill and found her daughter had managed to order a 10-man tent, an air mattress, pillows, blankets, pots, pans, cups, and many Harry Potter items while she was playing on her phone.