Chocolate Labrador’s reaction to becoming a big sister is relatable to any older sibling

Becoming an older sibling can be a stressful experience, especially if you’re used to getting your own way.

Poor Poppy learned this the hard way when she was introduced to her little sister Ivy, realising she was no longer going to be the spoilt only child.

The hilarious clip, which was uploaded by TikTok user @meganduffy14, was a smash hit on the video sharing platform, with over 350,000 likes and almost three million views.

In the video, viewers are given a glimpse into the relationship between the canine siblings, with the clip starting by showing Ivy biting and pulling at Poppy’s collar while her older sister stares dramatically into the distance.

The clip then shows the two chocolate Labs laying on the dog bed together, although it appears anything but relaxing as Poppy returns the favour from earlier, biting at her little sister.

The captions explain that Poppy was happy as the only dog in the family, but that Ivy has never known anything different than loving her.

As the clip comes to an end, viewers are shown the two being slightly more loving towards one another, with one of the adorable snaps showing Ivy looking up lovingly at her elder sibling.

The final image in the video is the cutest of them all, showing Ivy resting on her older sister’s back while their owner watches.

Viewers could clearly relate to the heartwarming video, with one user commenting: “That’s exactly how our labs were when we brought home a puppy and the puppy literally couldn’t handle how happy the older dogs made her.”

Another commenter wrote: “Chocolate labs are so cute.”

A third added: “Spot on to our chocolate lab!.”

Poppy and Ivy aren’t the only Labradors to have had recent success on TikTok, with Jake learning to use a torch to overcome his fear of the dark.

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The intelligent pup now takes a torch from his owner any time he needs to go to the toilet in the garden when it is dark.

He quickly dashes out the back door and makes use of the facilities before obediently returning the torch to his owner as soon as he is done.

The popularity of Labradors on the app is perhaps related to their status as the most popular of all pedigree breeds, being described as a versatile family companion as well as service, guide dogs and even working gundogs by the Kennel Club.