Great Dane is not a morning dog – much to his owner’s disappointment

Nobody finds getting up first thing in the morning easy, so perhaps this dog can be forgiven for having to be pushed out of bed by his owner.

Cooper the Great Dane isn’t much of a fan of early mornings, as this amusing clip showed, with his owner having to deploy various tactics to get him out of bed.

The hilarious video, which was uploaded by TikTok user @grainnefinaly, was a huge hit on the app, with over 660,000 views and over 125,000 likes.

At the beginning of the clip, viewers are taken into Cooper’s bedroom, complete with a full size human bed to accommodate the giant dog.

Cooper is clearly enjoying some peace and quiet, which sadly comes to an end when his owner informs him that it is time to get out of bed.

The Great Dane knows it is time to go and check the cattle, but he clearly doesn’t feel like moving, and so his owner has to resort to the dreaded pillow.

He begins to firmly pat the huge dog on the backside with a pillow, forcing Cooper out of bed and reluctantly onto his feet.

But Cooper’s owner knows this is only half the battle, and he is now faced with the task of getting his dog down the stairs.

The giant canine pauses at the top of the stairs, forcing his owner to once again give him a helping hand and a delicate push to start descending.

Viewers were very amused by the clip, with one commenting: “The way he tries to turn back at the stairs. You sure I can’t go back to my beddy.”

Another commenter wrote: “Like trying to get kids up for school.”

A third added: “That’s a real working dog, he even hates his boss.”

Great Danes are described by The Kennel Club as dash and daring, but also kind and loyal to their families.

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Cooper isn’t the only of his breed to have enjoyed success on TikTok recently, after this David v Goliath like clash between Zino the chihuahua and Diesel the Great Dane went viral.

The hilarious clip showed Zino and Diesel engaged in a tug of war, with the chihuahua hanging onto the other end of a rope toy hanging from the Great Dane’s mouth.