Hairdresser says losing hair in shower is normal – but warns when to be worried

If you’ve ever taken a shower or brushed your hair and noticed several strands coming out in your hands, then you’ve probably also panicked about hair loss.

But it turns out you have nothing to worry about, as a hair expert on TikTok has revealed you’re actually supposed to lose anywhere between 50 and 150 strands of hair every single day.

Hairdresser Ashley West, @ashleyweststylist, posted her video as a response to another clip of a woman’s shower wall covered in strands of hair.

In the original clip, the person said: “My sister thinks it’s normal to lose this much hair during each shower.”

And in her response, Ashley noted: “I’m a hairdresser and this is completely normal.

“You’re actually supposed to lose 50 strands a day! And that’s not taking into account that if you wear your hair up for multiple days and then wash your hair, then you’re probably looking at 150 strands.”

The hair expert then said that the only time you should be worried about how much hair you’re shedding is when it comes out in “clumps”.

She added: “Not normal is when it’s coming out in clumps.”

In the comments, Ashley also pointed out that several other factors can influence the condition of your hair.

She wrote: “Also consider stress, environment, weather, and hair damage.”

Ashley’s post has received more than 442,000 views – and commenters are relieved to know they have nothing to worry about.

One person said: “Thank you! My hair has been short until the pandemic, so the shed hairs have always fallen out unnoticed and I was worried I was losing a lot.”

While another wrote: “I was panicking as my hair started doing that, but now I know it’s normal.”

And a third added: “Thank you! I have very curly hair and I hardly brush it as I always tie it in a bun. Bad, I know! And I lose loads when I wash it.”

Several people also took to the comments to share their own facts and tips about managing hair loss to help others.

Someone posted: “We learned at beauty school that a person can lose between 50 to 100 strands of hair a day and that is normal. So that is not uncommon.”

But another claimed: “No, it’s genetics. Not everyone loses this amount of hair in one day.”